Boston and Maine Railroad Tunnel, more views

Tunnel2 View of the Bellows Falls train tunnel from the north, across the canal. This is taken from the south end of the railroad station platform.

Tunnel3 The Amtrak Vermonter emerges southbound to New York and Washington. Just below the fence, you can see Mill Street coming down to the crossing just 50 feet from the tunnel entrance. Once I heard the train leaving the station and brought my daughter down on Mill Street right by the tunnel to watch. The train emerged from the tunnel and, of course, had to immediately blow its horn for the crossing (It has just a few seconds to get in the long-long-short-long signal--it's more like short-short-veryshort-short). Well, we were standing right at eye level with that horn when it went off. The vibration sets all your bones shaking, especially your skull. I grabbed her and got back behind the wall before the second blast. Thankfully, our hearing was fine and I don't recommend the adventure to anybody.

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