101 Elementary School Mission Statements

11 June 1996

This list was compiled when the web was young. Most links don't work now. Note that some of these mission statements may be copyrighted. All material was pasted verbatim from the web pages, which accounts for the odd formating.

WINDSOR Elementary School,
in partnership with its children, families,
community and Richland District Two,
guarantees each child a superior education
by providing quality instruction and challenging learning experiences
in a safe and orderly environment
which will foster life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

This We Believe...
Yokayo Elementary School provides a nurturing environment committed to achiving excellence. All students are challenged to
reach their maximum potential by learning at their functional level to provide a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values.
This foundation enables each student to become a well-educated, productive adult able to cope with an ever changing world.

We believe that all learners must become:

Effective Communicators who will use verbal, written, artistic and technological forms of communication to give,
send, and receive information.
Inspired Learners who are accountable for demonstrating, assessing, and directing their present and life-long
intellectual growth.
Productive Workers who perform collaboratively and independently to create quality products and services that
reflect personal pride and responsiblility.
Responsible Citizens who have a global and multi-cultural perspective, and who take the initiative for improving the
quality of life for self and others.
Resourceful Thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk
taking, and critical evaluation.

University Elementary School

Mission Statement

At University Elementary School, students should be accepted, appreciated, nurtured, and
challanged according to their individual needs.

Through their education at school, students should gain the skills, strategies, and desire
necessary for continued learning. They should also develop a strong sense of responsibility for
themselves and toward each other, their community, and the earth's resources.

To this end, faculty and staff should create a rich multicultural environment for learning; design
an integrated curriculum with strong science, fine arts, and social studies components; provide for
children to become self-directed learners; and share their enthusiasm for learning, in an
atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.

Altamont Elementary School

Mission Statement

At the Altamont Elementary School, we believe that all children can and will learn. To ensure that all children will
reach their potential....

We will maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students.

We will create and support a school environment in which all children and adults feel welcomed,
respected, trusted, and an important part of the school.

We will create an environment where we can learn together and support each other.

We will foster a positive school climate of a caring community which respects and values diversity
and nurtures everyone's self-esteem.

Kimball Elementary School Mission Statement and Goals

The staff will strive to educate the whole child so that he/she develops mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Education is the science of teaching and learning. Every student differs and must be challenged to work to his/her greatest
capacity. Each student will be regarded as a separate and important individual and will be made to feel that he/she is
progressing. Students will be given varieties of valuable learning experience. They will be given the opportunity to grow at their
own rate and in their own individual way. They will be guided firmly, but with kindness and impartiality. Activities will be
provided that develop skills which enable each student to achieve scholastically to his/her greatest potential and to provide an
opportunity for each student to use his/her special talents.

There is no single, correct answer for teaching, because everyone has a variety of talents, capabilities, and potentialities. Far
too much emphasis is being placed on preparing students for subsequent schooling and far too little recognition is being given
to the role of the school in preparing students for citizenship and employment. We will encourage each child to live and
succeed in today's society.

Successful education occurs when both parents and the school accept the responsibility of helping each child to reach
constructive maturity to best prepare the child for the continuing educational experiences which lie ahead.

To keep parents informed, a newsletter and students' classwork is sent home every Wednesday.

Shafter Elementary Mission Statement

We share with our community the responsibility for the education of all students. With rapid
technological changes in our society, it is easy to lose sight of our goals to educate the total
person. We at Shafter see our mission to be:

To provide a nurturing environment for positive self-esteem.
To create rich, varied experiences in curricular learnings that accomodate different learning
To build a cooperative link between home, school, and community, recognizing the unique
transient, military community which we serve.

Cherrington Elementary School

Mission Statement:

Team Cherrington encourages students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizens in a
diverse, ever-changing world.

Waccamaw Elementary School

Mission Statement

The mission of Waccamaw Elementary School, a diverse and growing community of unique
individuals, is to ensure that each child will experience optimal social, emotional, academic and
physical success through a challenging and progressive child-centered educational program in a
safe and healthy learning environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Westridge School Community, where children are treasured, is to foster a love of learning in an
innovative, cooperative climate which empowers all students to be competent, productive, caring and responsible

Ferdinand Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of the administration, faculty, staff, parents, and community of Ferdinand Elementary School is to provide a caring
environment in which every child is respected and is given the opportunity to develop character, attitudes, and values; to
acquire skills necessary for contemporary society; to adapt to change and remain open to progressive techniques. The
curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every child, to create a positive
atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will become a productive member of society.

Mission Statement

Roosevelt School is committed to providing each student with optimal learning opportunities so that they can reach their full
academic and social potential. Toward this end we commit available resources to ensure that...

1. The staff works and shares as a collaborative team.
2. Each student experiences success, feels cared for and positive about their involvement at Roosevelt School.
3. Teachers are motivated, enthusiastic, and experience continued professional growth.
4. We provide an environment which is orderly, safe, inviting and stimulating.
5. Our parental community feels welcomed and valued as full participants in their child's education.
6. The leadership is supportive, encouraging, and fosters positive changes.

Westlake Elementary
Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Valley Christian Elementary School seeks to provide students of Christian families an excellent academic education, founded
upon and integrated with God's Word, that offers students the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential intellectually,
socially, physically, and spiritually. Encouragement is given to students to bring their lives into conformity with God's will and
plan, so that He is glorified.

Glenwood Elementary School's Mission


Children are our future. We are dedicated to their success.


To achieve our vision, we will prepare our students to become independent learners with the desires, the skills, and
the abilities necessary for lifelong learning. This will require creating a learning environment which is centered
around students, directed by teachers, and supported by home and community.


Being the very best I can be rests within me. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

LaSalle Public Elementary Schools Mission Statement

The mission of the LaSalle Public Elementary Schools is to create a
developmentally appropriate model of education, reflecting current practices
and research and incorporating them into an environment which enhances
the curriculum process, fosters continuing student learning and growth and
encompasses district wide educational goals.

Redding School District Mission Statement

The mission of the Redding School District, a partnership of schools, parents, and community, is to prepare children for the
future by providing knowledge and skills to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success in a safe, positive and
diverse environment.

BENNETT MISSION: The mission at Bennett Elementary School is to
prepare students for lifelong learning as responsible, caring, productive
citizens by:

*implementing a relevant, coherent, and articulated curriculum.

Students, staff, and parents are involved in a variety of learning experiences which are relevant
and interesting. The teachers plan in teams to ensure continuity in the curriculum.

*meeting individual needs while maintaning high expectations.

Students, staff, and parents strive for exellence with the support of various services and programs.

*providing a safe, stimulating, motivating learning environment

Students, staff, parents, and community contribute to the positive learning environment.
Self-esteem is fostered with respect, recognition,rewards, and accomplishments.

Loris Elementary Mission Statement

The mission of Loris Elementary School, a diversified community of individuals, is to ensure that each student achieves
his/her full potential through educational experiences utitlizing technology within a nurturing and motivating environment in
partnership with family, business, and community.

Mission Statement

The staff members of Tiskelwah Elementary recognize and accept the responsibility involved in choosing to be educators. The
staff believes and endorses the philosophy of Kanawha County Schools, and understands that dedication, commitment, and
love are essential if each student is to receive a chance at equal educational opportunities. The staff recognizes that students
who feel positive are better learners, and supports the rights of each student:

1.To know his/her own worth and importance to our school.
2.To have regular success (academic and social).
3.To be encouraged to work to optimum potential in reaching the academic skills outlined in the school curriculum.
4.To be encouraged to find his/her own individual media of creativity.
5.To be proud and to learn more about his/her own culture and heritage.
6.To have the opportunity for parents to be an integral part in the development of academic skills, good school
attendance, completion of homework, moral character, and ethical values cherished by family and school.

Forestbrook Elementary Mission Statement

The mission of Forestbrook Elementary School, a diverse family of
learners, is to ensure that all students have the foundation to become
successful lifelong achievers through developmentally appropriate
learning practices.

St. Edward's Elementary

Mission Statement

The community of St. Edward's School is committed to be student-centered, where the unique and whole
development of each child is nurtured in a shared partnership with caring, creative staff, parents and community.


Each student is an individual who is deserving of respect, fairness and understanding.

School experiences should provide opportunities for each child to do his or her best.

Learning is a life long experience.

The learner must be nurtured within a respectful, cooperative environment.

Learning will combine process and knowledge to support one's growth as a whole person.

Teaching must be varied and creative to meet the individual needs of students.

Parents and the staff of the school must recognize and encourage the important role that each has in the child's

The school community recognizes and appreciates the valuable contribution of the community at large to

Because the school community is an important part of the community at large, we will promote the awareness and
appreciation of community involvement as a life style.

Mission Statement

The mission of Austinville Elementary School is to develop well-adjusted, confident individuals
possessing skills necessary to succeed in the middle school and beyond by providing a meaningful
curriculum in a nurturing environment by a caring, well trained staff.

The Helmsburg Elementary School Mission Statement

The Helmsburg Elementary School community, faculty, staff, parents, and other interested
community members, will encourage, empower, and expect each student to become a responsible
citizen in our local, national, and global society. Each student will be provided with a challenging
and dynamic educational program that will develop intellectual, social, emotional, and physical
growth in a positive and supportive environment.

National Blue Ribbon School

Centerfield is committed to a strong tradition of excellence. Our mission statement
says, "We Find Success In Each one, Some way, Every day." Our child centered
philosophy has us led to a deeper commitment to enhancing the learning process in
light of increased understanding of how children learn. Our emphasis on addressing
individual needs of the whole child leads to continuous recognition, validation of our
dedication to children and to making modifications which enhance the learning
environment. Beginning with the 1989-1990 school year Centerfield has been recognized
in the following ways: National Blue Ribbon School, National Award in Economics
called "DEEP" (Developing Economic Educational Programs), State Principal of the
Year, State Counselor of the Year, State Science Teacher of the Year, District Teacher
of the Year for three straight years, State Finalist for Elementary Teacher of the Year
and State and National recognition of many students in the areas of writing, art and

Orchard Elementary Mission Statement

The mission of Orchard Elementary is to provide a safe, nurturing
environment of mutual respect while inspiring children to achieve their
academic potential as life-long learners. Students will be valued for their
individuality and diverse capabilities as they are taught to face the future
and contribute to society with compassion, courage, knowledge and vision.

Jamieson Elementary's Mission Statement

At Jamieson Elementary we are committed to each and every child.

We are committed to encouraging our children to possess the following qualities:

A mastery of academic skills

A love for learning

Self discipline

Good manners

Good study habits

Respect for themselves and others

And the ability to apply their knowledge to improve their quality of life.

We pledge to maintain a safe and productive learning environment, to
seek ways to encourage home and community support, and to prepare our
children to meet the challenges of the future.

"We believe all students attending Harris Elementary,
given the necessary time and support from parents,
and staff, will become lifetime learners in an ever
changing society."


We are builders of the future...creating a student centered, brain compatible
environment, which encourages responsibility and respect for others, producing
successful lifelong decision makers in an ever changing world.

Mission Statement of Pine Tree Elementary

At Pine Tree Elementary, we believe that each child is a valued and unique individual. We believe that our
educational process should be student-centered and that Pine Tree Elementary's mission is best achieved by an
active partnership involving students, parents, and staff. Furthermore, we want each child to embrace the love, joy
and value of education. The following emphasize our beliefs:

Each child is a valued and unique individual. We respect the individuality of each child and fully welcome the
special contributions of every student. Our students are encouraged to value and respect themselves, while
learning to understand, appreciate and accept the differences in others.

Education should be student centered. Each child should be able to maximize his/her potential from a quality
curriculum, enjoyable extra-curricular activities and awesome teaching. We want each child to be prepared to be a
productive citizen.

We want each child to embrace the love, joy and value of education. We envision a school that is positive, safe and
purposeful, which promotes a caring and productive environment for all. We believe that each child can develop
the confidence and skills and interests to become a responsible life long learner.

We believe in an active partnership between students, parents, community and staff. Open lines of communication
are important for the success of our students. We encourage opportunities for responsible decision making by
groups and individuals. We welcome the support, criticism and assistance of our parents and community.

The mission of Kenmore Elementary is to provide a quality education by encouraging success
academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

We envision a school where:

The facility is attractive and functional.
The District leadership is responsive to community, staff, and individual needs of children.
The building leadership is supportive, active and instructional.
There is a balanced staff in regards to experience, gender and culture.
The staff is cooperative, positive, challenging and flexible.
Staff members are committed to providing instructional excellence in a stimulating and caring environment.

Jefferson Elementary School Mission

The mission of Jefferson Elementary School is to encourage lifelong learning and more self-sufficient individuals
possessing positive self-esteem, respect for themselves, others and their environment, through commitment of
staff, parents, students and community.

White Knoll Elementary School


Recognizing that each child is an individual, White Knoll Elementary's mission is to create a happy learning atmosphere where
innovative teaching and challenging programs provide not only the essential skills, but also foster a life-long desire for learning
with the cooperation and coordination of parents, teachers, students, and the community in order that our children will become
responsible and contributing members of society.

Grove Hill Elementary School


In their pursuit of wisdom, the students of Grove Hill Elementary will discover something of value in themselves and return it to
society. Our school will provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing, functional environment conducive to learning and development of
self esteem. Faculty and staff will strive to achieve their maximum potential, model lifelong learning and positive values, and
display understanding, empathy, and respect for all members of the school community.


We believe that education is the foundation of life successes. Therefore, our mission is to encourage, guide and support all
students to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners contributing to society. In order to accomplish this mission
our school provides a staff that works cooperatively with students, parents, and the community.

Shared Values

Members of the Grove Hill Elementary School community hold the following values in common:

Education is the foundation for life success.

All children can learn.

Excellence for each individual can be achieved through high expectations.

Learning is a continuous process.

Education is a combined effort - parents, students, teachers, and community working together.

Our Mission

Daniel Elementary is a community school dedicated to preparing all of its members for successful lifelong learning in a nurturing,
caring, and safe environment.

Marshall Ranch Elementary School

Mission Statement

Believing that all children can learn, we will provide instruction, guidance, and encouragement to
empower students to be successful individuals and contributing members of society. The
programs which make up the educational experience will promote academic, physical, emotional
and social growth while preparing children for the life-long process of learning. The success of our
programs requires the joint effort of students, teachers, parents, and other community members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Silver Oak Elementary School is to develop the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities of each child
to the fullest extent possible so that each can lead a productive worker, citizen, and individual in our society.

To become good citizens and responsible adults, all children need to think creatively and critically, and be able to adapt to
change. They need skills in acquiring, filtering, processing, and using information to make effective decisions and to
communicate with others. They will develop self-esteem by participating in a caring school community which appreciates
diversity, and develops in children tolerance, mutual respect, cooperation towards team goals, and a love for learning that will
last a lifetime.

To fulfill this mission, Silver Oak will explore new horizons beyond traditional modes of schooling. Using technology as an
important tool, students will be active participants in their own learning. The teacher will be responsible for guiding the learning
process, setting goals and evaluating the outcomes and students will be responsible co-owners of the learning process.

The ultimate goal of Silver Oak School will be to foster a learning environment to enhance every student's ability to make sense
of and take an active part in the world of the 21st century.

Edison Elementary School


Edison is restructuring. Our mission statement is "success for all students." One of our chief goals is to close the achievement
gap between Hispanic, Indochinese, and African-American students with the rest of the student body. The restructuring efforts
have been in the following areas: shared decision-making, curriculum, student mobility, parent involvement, class size, and

William Penn Elementary School

Goals and Mission Statement

It is the mission of William Penn School to provide an environment where academics are emphasized, where children are
encouraged to excel and perform at their maximum potential and to provide an environment where each child is treated with
respect and love.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the faculty, staff, and parents at Knowlton Elementary is to provide a child-centered
environment which promotes creativity and excellence and encourages lifelong learning for a changing

Mission Statement:

The staff of Woodland School will provide a safe environment conducive to learning. We will teach and the
children will learn basic skills, critical thinking skills, and the attributes of good citizenship.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Woodland.htm#Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Walter Jackson School will prepare resourceful, self-confident students who are responsible for setting and attaining life-long
goals and becoming productive citizens. Our professional, compassionate staff will accomplish this by providing a meaningful
curriculum in a positive, nurturing environment.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Pleasantview School is the attainment of the basic skills by all students as defined by the
curriculum of the District. We believe all children can learn. We believe we can teach children what we want
them to learn and they can learn what we have to teach them.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Pleasant.htm#Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The staff of Kantner School believes that all students can learn and can achieve mastery of basic grade level skills.
We believe that our school's purpose is teaching and learning as well as developing in each student a good self
image and positive attitude toward school. We accept the responsibility to teach all students.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Kantner.htm#Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The staff of Forest Park School believes that ALL students are able to learn and be successful in mastering
fundamental skills. We believe that our school's primary aim is to educate all students, while developing in each
child a good self-image and a positive attitude toward school. We accept the task of teaching all students.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/ForPark.htm#Mission Statement

Building Goals and Mission

Our goals are based on the mission of the Shoreline School District and our building mission statement:

''North City Elementary School is an integrated, student centered environment with a constructivist approach to
learning. We challenege all students to reach their full potential and to take responsibility for their life-long
learning. This commitment is shared in partnership with families, staff, and community.''

Fox Mill Elementary School Mission and Goals

Fox Mill Elementary School provides a well-balanced instructional program that encourages all students to strive for excellence.
Administrators, staff members, and parents work together to create a friendly and nurturing learning environment in which all students can
succeed. Specific goals of the current Fox Mill School Plan are:

To continue to improve the writing skills of all students by emphasizing writing for a variety of purposes, both creative and expository

To increase teachers' and students' use of technology throughout the curriculum and to develop model technology classrooms to pilot

To use a collaborative planning process to support school programs

To promote positive communication and problem-solving skills for all students


Our mission at Rosemont Elementary School is to involve family, community and school personnel in a team effort to prepare
children to become lifelong learners and contributing members of a changing society.


The faculty and staff of Rosemont Elementary affirm their commitment to excellence in education. To fulfill this commitment, we
are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all elementary students in accordance with their needs, backgrounds,
interests, and abilities. In our school program we strive to provide a balanced curriculum emphasizing academic and social
growth and integrating the ideals of democracy and citizenship. We provide the opportunity for the students to have their needs
meet as they develop individual abilities in a democratic atmosphere: an atmosphere where the students can contribute to be
part of the whole. The culmination of our efforts is to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning.

We believe that all elementary children should develop an understanding of the past and identification with the present to meet
the challenges in an ever-changing world and to become responsible, ethical members of our society. In order for us to realize
our objectives, we recognize the need for cooperative efforts of the student, school, home, and community.


Integrate technology to enhance learning
Enhance the home/school/community involvement
Improve academic achievement


Increase student technology awareness and competency
Improve staff and student training
Enhance communication to and feedback from the community
Provide programs relevant to the needs and interests of the Rosemont community
Increase utilization of community volunteers as curriculum and instructional support
Identify the needs of the school community to improve school climate
Improve staff skills in the Home/School/Community arena
Improve standardized test scores

Collaborative Implementation
Individual Implementation

The mission of the faculty, staff, and parents at Knowlton
Elementary is to provide a child-centered environment which
promotes creativity and excellence and encourages lifelong
learning for a changing world.

Stratigic Plan

We adopt teacher stress reduction practices and policies so service providers are ready to give fully to their mission, the
individual child.
We meet the social, emotional and developmental needs of students so they are ready to learn.
We endeavor to create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding.
We provide experiences for students which build the real work world skills required for the future.
We develop and utilize assessment practices stressing performance.
We adopt instructional strategies that promote holistic experiences to engage students in the internalization of skills.
We utilize all resources to promote student potential development.


A. Retain quality teachers in the District and in the field of education.

B Enrich the quality of instruction.

C. Facilitate communications among professional staff members and the community.

D. Promote personal advancement and professional growth of faculty members.

E. Enhance the curricular and co-curricular programs of the District.


The mission of the Nixa R-II School District is to provide comprehensive educational experiences that will enable all students
to become life-long learners and productive, informed citizens.


The mission of the Lake Worth Independent School District is to provide a quality instructional
program in a positive, safe environment that promotes respect for authority, self, others and property.

We will offer each student an equal opportunity to reach his/her highest potential academically,
physically, emotionally, and socially so that each may become a productive member of our society.

Along with the Board of Trustees, staff, families, and community members, the students will share
responsibility for their education.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Jim Thorpe Area School District, as a united community, is to pursue educational excellence and graduate
responsible, contributing citizens.

A Statement of Beliefs (Goals)

We Believe That:

Learning is a lifelong process. Our changing world requires that schools teach the skills necessary to promote and develop
this process.

Each individual's uniqueness and worth must be acknowledged and respected.

Succesful learning builds self-esteem.

The family, student, school, and the entire community should form a partnership to share the responsibility for education.

All students must be encouraged, and given the opportunity ans support to achieve their greatest potential through the
establishment of high expectations.

Schools must be a safe and healthy place.

All students, as a result of their education, must be prepared to be a responsible and contributing member of the changing
global community.

Excellence in education is worth the commitment of time, effort, and financial resources.

All students need to have access to, training in, and experience with the technological tools of the information age.

For the educational process to progress, we must be sensitive toward cultural diversity.

Mission Statement:

We, the staff of Bellview School, will assure an educational program in which all students master the basic skills.
We will prepare Bellview students to act as responsible members of society and to respect the rights of all.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Bellview.htm#Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Roosevelt Elementary Staff accepts the responsibility to provide the opportunities for every child to learn and
experience positive growth each year.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Roosvelt.htm#Mission Statement

The Warrendale Staff believes that all children can learn what we have to teach them. We believe that children
can have self-esteem, concern for others, and be self-directed learners.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Warrend.htm#Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The staff of Crescentwood School accepts responsibility for maintaining a haven where all children are taught to
master the basic skills involved in communication, mathematics, reasoning, and research. At Crescentwood
School, staff members guide students to express themselves through the fine arts and to apply the principles of
physical development. It is a place where children are taught to function as responsible members of a community.
http://www.macomb.k12.mi.us/eastdet/Creswood.htm#Mission Statement


Enable all students to become responsible, productive citizens in a changing world.


Communicate effectively.

Acquire, assess and apply knowledge from all disciplines as lifelong learners.

Select and use thinking skills to solve problems individually or within groups.

Effectively apply current technology.

Practice a positive work ethic.

Practice wellness, social, civic, personal and environmental responsibility.


All students can learn
Students need to be willing learners.
All students are responsible for personal decisions, actions and behaviors with appropriate consequences.
All students are unique with varying learning styles, abilities, strengths and interests and should be offered opportunities
to maximize their capabilities.
All students' learning is enhanced through social interaction.
All students should be encouraged to develop their talents in school and other community activities.
Positive self-esteem promotes student achievement.
Students want to succeed.
Student success at each level of learning leads to success at the next level.
Teachers are key facilitators of learning and problem solving rather than just providers of information.
All teachers have a desire to learn.
All teachers should have a positive relationship with students and the community.
Students, teachers, patrons, parents and staff are accountable for success.
The school, parents and patrons are responsible for supporting and nurturing students for optimal development.
Students and staff should be aware of and show consideration for individual and cultural differences.
The family exerts the greatest influence in the development of the student's values.
The curriculum will address requirements of the work place and institutions of higher learning.
Change is essential for human growth.
We are committed to the selection and retention of highly qualified teachers.
We are responsible for recognizing and rewarding excellence in our staff.
We shall foster open and honest communications among all parties in the educational setting for optimum development
of human relationships.
We shall provide a safe environment for learning.
We shall provide the tools necessary for education al all levels.

Mission Statement

The Southern Boone County School District Believes That All Students Will Be Productive And Able To Function
In Society As Disciplined And Responsible Adults With Good Morals. Students Will Be Well-Rounded And Able
To Pursue Their Individual Goals.

Mission Statement

As the leader in an educational partnership with the community, it is the mission of the Chestnut Ridge School District to ensure
that all students discover and develop their talents and abilities, acquire respect for self and others, and obtain the knowl edge
and skills to succeed and contribute to their highest potential as ethical, responsible citizens in a rapidly changing global society
through a challenging, comprehensive program taught by an exceptional staff in a secure, caring environment.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Chestnut Ridge School District is to establish and maintain an alliance among strdents, parents, community,
administrators, teachers and staff, which will continually adapt to new situations by improving the education offered to our stud
ents in order to prepare them for the ever-changing challenges of life.

LaSalle Public Elementary Schools Mission Statement

The mission of the LaSalle Public Elementary Schools is to create a
developmentally appropriate model of education, reflecting current practices
and research and incorporating them into an environment which enhances
the curriculum process, fosters continuing student learning and growth and
encompasses district wide educational goals.

Mission Statement

The promary purpose of our school is teaching and learning. It is our responsibility to develop the
intellectual, vocational, physical, creative, cultural, and social capabilities of All our students to their
maximum potential. Our schools belong to the people of the community and we further realize that
productive schools are built on partnerships of citizens, parents, and staff.

Costaņo Elementary School
Mission Statement

Costaņo School operates according to the accepted business management premise that if any institution is to succeed, it must
first draw up a blueprint, a plan that details a specific goal, philosophy, mission or commitment. Costano's philosophy, mission,
and goals are stated as follows:

Costaņo School is dedicated to promoting and supporting Academics, Attendance, Cooperation, Self-esteem, Effort,
Creativity, Responsibility, and Sportsmanship. Our school is an institution which serves the educational needs of the
community. We believe that as parents, administrators and teachers cooperate in educating students, they will be instrumental
in structuring the environment which will allow the child to become educated.

The mission of Costaņo School is to have each child experience success in learning up to his or her potential, acknowledging
that each student has unique educational needs and that we will work together to identify and establish curriculum to meet
those needs.

We believe that moral training should come from the home and we will support that training by modeling appropriate behavior.
It is imperative that the school prepares students for global citizenship. According to the blueprint, they should be able to
perform as members of the family of mankind by showing respect for people of cultures different from their own, acting as
stewards of the earth and its resources.

The mission of Costaņo School is to teach human relation skills necessary to develop an attitude of peaceful cooperation which
will lead to the ability to resolve conflicts. Communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be emphasized.
Students will become proficient in the basic skills of language, reading, writing, and mathematics, and will be able to apply
these skills in school and everyday life experiences.

We support the development of behavior reflecting individual and group responsibility for and commitment to learning.
Students will develop confidence in their own abilities and become more knowledgeable and appreciative of their own
history/culture, and the history/culture of others. Costaņo School pledges to respect the potential and uniqueness of each child.

Our Mission

Portola Hills Elementary School is committed to equitably providing high quality, efficient and effective educational programs
which fully develop students' academic and problem solving skills, and their social, aesthetic, and ethical awareness.

In order to attain these goals, we will provide a balanced curriculum while continuing our focus on technology and the visual
and performing arts as the center of our core curricular and instructional programs. Assessment of student progress will be
varied and continuous. We are committed to providing an outstanding educational program which meets the needs of each
individual by accomplishing the following:

Implement a rigorous instructional program for all students;
Recruit an outstanding instructional and support staff;
Encourage staff participation in continued professional training while providing them outstanding educational leadership
and effective supervision;
Ensure a safe, orderly, and supportive teaching and learning environment;
Offer accountability to the public through frequent assessment of
students and programs;
Assist children in attaining their optimal physical and intellectual development;
Involve the community in a cooperative working relationship.

Striving toward excellence is an on-going process at Portola Hills Elementary School where all of our resources and emerging
knowledge and experience are employed.

To this end, we will continue . . .

"Exploring New Horizons, Discovering Ourselves."


The School of the 21st Century is dedicated to the healthy growth and development of all children
through continuity of support from birth to age 12. The School of the 21st Century Promotes
exceptional child care and other support services for chidren and families by linking school,
home, and community resources to build an environment that values children.

The mission of the Montrose Area School District, in alliance with the community, is dedicated to
the following:

Providing a challenging, comprehensive educational program consistent with each student's
Encouraging students to think logically, to learn cooperatively and independently, and to
develop a lifelong spirit of inquiry;
preparing students to take an active and responsible role in a changing society and natural
promoting students' acceptance of themselves and others.

This will be accomplished by the involvement of a supportive community and a responsive,
dedicated staff who together stimulate students in an atmosphere built on mutual respect.

In order to enhance the district's unique mission statement and secure a broad base of
school-community support for teaching and learning, an instrument was developed by the
Strategic Planning Steering Committee and sent to all professional personnel and a random, cross
section of the community. The instrument tapped perceptions on items in the areas of school
purposed, students, and educators. Thus, the beliefs of the district are:

The puropse of school is:
1.to provide a balanced curriculum which encourages lifelong learning from childhood
through adulthood and prepares studetns for a healthy, productive life.
2.to educate the child in communication and socialization skills, and to develop in the
child attitudes and talents that will make him/her a productive citizen
3.to provide an educational program which stimulates inquiry, creativity, and
cooperation in the learning process.
4.to provide facilities as a center for learning so that students and educators can become
successful learners.
All students are:
1.entitled to a fair and equitable education which should prepare them to realize their full
2.human beings who deserve respect and need positive reinforcement.
3.responsible for respecting themselves, their classmates, teachers, parents, and society as
a whole.
4.individuals with unique talents and interests which should be encouraged.
All educators should:
1.recognize individual differences of students and encourage them to take responsibility
for their actions
2.try to make school challenging, enjoyable, and relevant
3.be able to inspire, motivate, and stimulate our students to learn
4.model lifelong learning by continually updating skills and acquiring new learning
techniques in order to promote the interest and skills of all students.
5.learn to work together to foster student learning across all subject areas.

The people of the Montrose Area School District believe the purpose of formal education is to
equip students, both academically and vocationally, to live successfully within a complex, rapidly
changing world. To achieve this purpose, the school has a primary responsibility to help every
student acquire, to the fullest extent, mastery of the basic skills in the use of words and numbers.

Furthermore, the people of the Montrose Area School District believe in a continuing expansion
of educational services to meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities within the District.
To achieve this purpose, the school must be concerned with the development of the whole person
and offer a wide variety of programs and services that develop self-sufficiency within the student.

For education to be effective, the people of the Montrose Area School District believe that a
relationship of mutual respect and cooperation must exist between the teacher and student. The
teacher must strive to create an atmosphere in the classroom that will stimulate an enthusiasm for
learning and convey a sense of personal responsibility to the individual students. The student, on
the other hand, must learn through experience that his development rests in a large part upon his
own efforts and that the teacher can only provide the tools and encouragement for self-learning.

For the school system to be effective, the people of the Montrose Area School District believe that
mutual respect, trust, and cooperation between parents, school directors, administrators, and staff
are vital for an environment conducive of learning. The entire school family is responsible for
providing leadership and the educational atmosphere which provides this environment within the
financial and geographic limitations of the District.

In furtherance of the school's purposes, the curriculum is supplemented by extra-curricular
offerings that support and amplify the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Nine Goals of Quality

Fundamental to our philosophy is the belief that education is neither terminal nor isolated within
the school context, but is a continuing process throughout life.

As a base for its educational program, Pennsylvania has adopted Nine Goals of Quality
Education. The quality school provides instruction through the curriculum so that each student
may achieve the following academic goals:

1.Communications. Each student shall become proficient in reading, composition, listening,
speech, understanding, interpreting, analyzing and synthesizing information.

2.Mathematics. Each student shall become proficient in the use of varied mathematical
processes and applications to solve challenging problems and to create new ways of
understanding information.

3.Science and technology. Each student shall become proficient in applying the processes of
analysis, synthesis and evaluation to the solution of challenging scientific problems and in
the application and understanding of technology in society.

4.Environment and ecology. Each student shall understand the environment and the student's
ecological relationship with it in order to recognize the importance of the quality of life in a
healthy and balanced environment.

5.Citizenship. Each student shall understand local, State and United States history, geography,
systems of government and economics and their relationship to the history, geography,
systems of government and economics of other countries in the world and shall acquire and
have opportunities to practice, in the school and in the community, the skills necessary for
active participation in civic life.

6.Arts and humanities. Each student shall understand and appreciate the breadth of human
accomplishment through the arts and humanities and shall have opportunities to practice
creativity of thought and action and to demonstrate talent in the arts.

The following is the philosophy developed by the staff at Kent Elementary:
At Kent Elementary,we believe that is it our primary responsibility to ensure that every student is provided with opportunities
to develop his or her intellectual potential and social skills. We further believe that a child's elementary education can help build
a foundation for future intellectual, cultural and moral growth which will enable each one to become an effective member of our

Fodrea Mission Statement

Education must meet the challenge of growth and change. Schools must be
accountable for the accomplishments of their students. Parents and educators
together must determine the goals and focus for their particular community

Mission Statement

Lynnwood Elementary School exists to serve all its students, and
through them, their families and the greater community. Lynnwood
will provide for each child a nurturing environment, the challenge to
excel, and the opportunity to reach his or her highest level of
academic achievement. Lynnwood will accomplish this mission
through active communication and the involvement of all students,
parents, staff and other community member. We are committed to
teaching children to be effective life-long learners while instilling in
them a positive attitude about themselves and others.

Mission Statement

At Welch Elementary we look to an everchanging world as we train children to develop socially, emotionally, and
intellectually in order to prepare students for the future. We strive to motivate each child to reach his/her maximum

Mission Statement

Switchback Elementary School recognizes learning as an enjoyable, life-long process. Through shared responsibility, effective
collaboration, and increasing technology, our students will learn.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Appeal Elementary School to recognize the uniqueness of each child and the importance of developing the
whole child; to ensure that each child has the opportunity to benefit from all phases of the educational process in an
atmosphere characterized by cooperation and hard work, and that all resources of the school community are infused into its
program through the continuous encouragement of school-business partnerships and increased parental involvement.

Mission Statement

The mission of Midland Elementary, a united, family
oriented, rural school, is to assure that each student
maximizes his/her potential to succeed in an
ever-changing society through a student centered,
technologically driven curricula.


Westwood Elementary educational community provides a rich technological environment which produces cooperative and
resourceful problem solvers who become literate, globally aware, life long learners.


Mission Statement

We at Kenwood Elementary School provide a safe, orderly environment where the staff is
dedicated to educating the mind, developing the body and nurturing the spirit of each
unique individual. Our staff is a community of encouragers who model and emphasize the
Core Values. We pioneer and implement projects to meet student and staff needs as we
continue to learn and grow as professionals.

Our school develops an atmosphere where students, staff, parents and community
members are respected, appreciated, encouraged and supported. We strive to positively
touch the lives of children so that they may become life-long learners and sensitive,
contributing citizens of the world.

Shaffer Elementary Mission Statement

At Shaffer Elementary we care about the success and achievement of each
and every child. We believe that all children can learn. We are committed
to educating students so that they have the knowledge, skills, and
attitudes to be effective communicators, complex thinkers. responsible
citizens, self directed learners, ethical persons, and quality workers. To
do this we will continue to:

1. teach the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and
solving mathematical problems;

2. refine our instruction so that students are asked to demonstrate and
apply these basic skills to solve problems, communicate
effectively, and produce quality work;

3. enhance our instruction so that it is more connected to real-life

4. assess how well our students are doing and use the results to
improve our instruction.

Mission Statement

We, the staff of Chandler Elementary, believe that all students can learn and achieve mastery of basic grade level skills
regardless of their previous academic performance, family, background, socio-economic status, race and/or gender.

The staff working as a team and in partnership with parents and the community provide students the fundamentals necessary to
achieve academic excellence, while fostering positive growth in socio-emotional behaviors and attitudes.

We accept the responsibility to teach all students so they can become productive citizens.

Mission Statement

"Where the WEB of learning spins continuously!"

The mission of Fishburn Park Elementary School is to provide academically
stimulating and challenging instructional programs which address the Whole
Child, the Environment and Ecology, and Basic Skills. The school community
implements a program which addresses high expectations and a positive
learning environment for all students.

Mission Statement: The Finley Family encourages respect and co-operation which provides a warm positive
atmosphere preparing students to be lifelong learners and effective citizens of the future.


The mission of St. James Elementary School, a unique blend of diverse communities in the South Strand, is to ensure that our
children are prepared for an ever-changing society by immersing them in individualized learner programs promoting academic
excellence within a climate of respect, self-motivation and personal success.

Our Mission

We at Westgate Elementary School strongly believe that our students are
unique and representative of a diverse community.

As a school community it is our responsibility to support students by
providing a secure and stimulating environment. This enables them to
value diversity, solve problems and experience success in all facets of their

We recognize that in order to be effective in addressing our mission
statement, we must understand that change is an ongoing process. We
must also provide instructional programs which address the needs of all
students. Finally, we must focus our energies and prioritize our activities.


The mission of Magee Elementary School, in conjunction with parental and community support, is to
educate all students to achieve their highest level of academic performance while fostering the
development of positive self-esteem.


THE MISSION: of Ridgedale Local School District is to provide a total dynamic educational system centered around student
success, personal development, and preparation for life.

WE ASPIRE: to excellence as we educate and support students to prepare them fir the future.

WE SERVE: the students and community, and strive to meet their needs and challenges.


a focus on the development and enhancement of student self-esteem.
a focus on student success and responding to the needs of all students.
recognition for individuals who excel and/or improve.
a total education system where the "education team", administration, parents and entire community use their
resources to supplement and improve our system.
utilizing a proven educational process which includes formal instruction, experiential learning, leadership, and
personal development.
responding to the needs of careers, any post-secondary education, and the job market.
communication among and between school and community.
serving all populations.
developing the whole person.
teacher rewards and recognitions.
good student/teacher relationships.
high expectations.


to amplify and expand the "whole person" concept of education including leadership, citizenship, personal and
interpersonal development.
to develop and maintain educational programs that continually and systematically respond to the trends and demands of
careers, any post-secondary education and the market place.
to provide the stimuli that motivates students to stay in school, develop self-discipline, and develop into self-reliant and
useful citizens.
to serve all people and groups equally, without discrimination.
to evaluate and extend our standards of excellence in the classroom, laboratory instruction, and student activities.
to provide leadership and cultivate strong partnership with parents, the local community, and businesses.
to provide direction, contact and counseling for students, in helping them make decisions regarding their goals.

Missouri Department of Elementary
and Secondary Education

"Making a positive difference through education and service."

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is a team of dedicated individuals working for the continuous
improvement of education and services for all citizens. We believe that we can make a positive difference in the quality of life
for all Missourians by providing exceptional service to students, educators, schools and citizens.

We provide leadership and promote excellence. We

Champion high-quality public education
Advocate equity for every learner
Develop school leaders and other educational team members
Establish standards that demand excellence and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning, workplace skills and
Evaluate program and policy effectiveness
Share best practices
Carry out programs with the least administrative burden and cost
Assist persons with disabilities by providing individualized support and services
Create a caring workplace that fosters teamwork and personal and professional growth

We promise to greatly exceed customers' expectations. We

Listen to those we serve in order to improve our operations and adapt to changing needs
Forge partnerships to improve our services
Value each employee's contribution to achieving this mission

Mission Statement:

We at Worthington promote positive self-esteem, respect diversity, support high expectations, and believe all children can

School Pledge for Students:

As a student at Worthington Elementary School, I will:

Live Productively
Love Self and Others
Learn for a Lifetime

That Means:

I will do the best work I can do in each of my subjects.
I will be on my best behavior in school, having respect for myself and for all others.
At all times, I will practice safe behavior in school and at home.
I will do my part to support the school's goal of 97% attendance.


Woodview Elementary is committed to developing academically proficient students in a way that encourages
appreciation of self and others so that they are confident and well prepared for future learning experiences.

Cherokee Elementary School Mission Statement

Our mission is preparing our Cherokee students to become successful citizens and workers in the
twenty-first century.

We encourage our children to think, to reason, and to use information to solve problems in order to meet the
challenges of today and tomorrow.

Administrators, teachers, and parents will ensure a school environment in which children will experience feelings of
worth and achievement and develop a lifetime desire for learning.

Our children will emerge goal-oriented and educationally prepared because we are teaching them to read with
comprehension, write with clarity and compute with accuracy.


The mission of Highlands Elementary School is to provide a safe, positive
learning environment that assures the academic and social development of
each child. Together with parents and community, the Highlands staff
prepares each student to function effectively in an ever-changing
technological world.



Woodview Elementary is committed to developing academically proficient students in a way that
encourages appreciation of self and others so that they are confident and well prepared for future
learning experiences.

Mission Statement

The mission of New Hope Elementary School is to provide a foundation for successful learning and living.


THE MISSION: of Ridgedale Local School District is to provide a total dynamic educational system centered around student
success, personal development, and preparation for life.

WE ASPIRE: to excellence as we educate and support students to prepare them fir the future.

WE SERVE: the students and community, and strive to meet their needs and challenges.


a focus on the development and enhancement of student self-esteem.
a focus on student success and responding to the needs of all students.
recognition for individuals who excel and/or improve.
a total education system where the "education team", administration, parents and entire community use their
resources to supplement and improve our system.
utilizing a proven educational process which includes formal instruction, experiential learning, leadership, and
personal development.
responding to the needs of careers, any post-secondary education, and the job market.
communication among and between school and community.
serving all populations.
developing the whole person.
teacher rewards and recognitions.
good student/teacher relationships.
high expectations.


to amplify and expand the "whole person" concept of education including leadership, citizenship, personal and
interpersonal development.
to develop and maintain educational programs that continually and systematically respond to the trends and demands of
careers, any post-secondary education and the market place.
to provide the stimuli that motivates students to stay in school, develop self-discipline, and develop into self-reliant and
useful citizens.
to serve all people and groups equally, without discrimination.
to evaluate and extend our standards of excellence in the classroom, laboratory instruction, and student activities.
to provide leadership and cultivate strong partnership with parents, the local community, and businesses.
to provide direction, contact and counseling for students, in helping them make decisions regarding their goals.

The Southwest Elementary family will work together in an atmosphere of
nurturing support to solve problems cooperatively. The self-directed
learners will be equipped to think effectively, to anticipate new learning
experiences, and to be confident of their ability to be productive in a
changing society

Mission Statement of Weil Elementary

The staff, students, and parents of A. Leo Weil Elementary School are committed to creating "community." This community
will be achieved by promoting a curriculum which emphasizes academic excellence, high expectations, cultural pride, respect
for individual differences and the rights of others, within a safe and nuturing environment.

The Southwest Elementary family will work together in an atmosphere of
nurturing support to solve problems cooperatively. The self-directed
learners will be equipped to think effectively, to anticipate new learning
experiences, and to be confident of their ability to be productive in a
changing society

At Carriage Crest Elementary, we believe all children can learn and develop to their fullest potential with the support and
dedication of family, staff, and community.

We are committed to helping children develop and nurture a lifelong love of learning while acquiring skills to become
productive citizens for the 21st Century.

In order to instill a love of learning and to support the acquisition of skills we are dedicated to:

Creating a safe , caring, and comfortable environment,

Recognizing and appreciating differences and commonalties,

Valuing academic excellence,

Empowering students to accept responsibility and challenges for scholastic achievement by students,

Providing a variety of instructional strategies in a well defined curriculum,

Fostering self-esteem,

Enabling students to assume responsibility for their actions,

Enhancing student communication skills,

Developing and maintaining open communication within the school community.


Beaver Elementary School will provide a quality education for all students,

In a way that:

Reflects high expectations for our culturally diverse student population.
Instills positive self-esteem, high ethics and values.
Provides a safe, positive environment for learning.
Promotes a cooperative relationship among parents, teachers, staff and students.
Empowers students with problem-solving skills, and encourages self discipline.
Provides an environment that promotes a motivated staff who will serve as role models for all students.

So that:

Every student will have the capability to become responsible, successful life-long learners.

Orange Elementary's Mission Statement

The Orange Elementary School staff, and the supportive school community
which it serves, provides a learning environment where all children develop the
technological and essential skills needed to become successful lifelong learners
performing in a global society.

Huber Ridge Elementary School
Mission Statement:

All students will learn to the best of their ability.


Students will learn with and from their peers.
Technology will be used as a learning tool.
Students will feel safe and cared for at Huber Ridge.
School improvement will be everyone's responsibility.

Katherine R. Smith Elementary School
California Distinguished School, National Exemplary School

Mission Statement: Working as a partner with our diverse community, we are dedicated to helping all children
succeed in school. All of our special programs, community partnerships, and staff development are focused on
ensuring literacy skills for all of our students.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cramer Elementary School is to provide a communicative, barrier-free and academically stimulating
environment for students, ensuring a nurturing a safe environment for all. The end results of the mission will be the development
of aware, responsible, contributing and caring members of society. Students will be given ample opportunies to master the
skills necessary to succeed, not only to meet the challenge of adult life.

Student growth will be accomplished through the development of individual talents, realization of career goals, appreciation of
the arts, literacy in technological advancements, and respect for oneself, for others, and for the environment.

The staff will be empowered through the improvement and expansion of staff-development programs and through regular
constructive time for open communication for all staff, allowing staff input into programs and policy decision making.

Parents and community members will become significantly more involved in the realization of our school's needs, views,
concerns, and offerings. They will be given the opportunity to contribute to school-based decisions.


Lord Nelson School, and Elementary School (N-6) located in North Winnipeg, will endeavour to provide a safe and nurturing
environment for all, where intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs may be met and expanded into life long learning
skills. The fostering of ongoing and meaningful communication between the school and its community is considered to be a
major component of the life of the school.

Lord Nelson School will endeavour to achieve the following goals:

1. To provide programming that will meet the needs of individual students and challenge them to high academic achievement.

2. To emphasize the learning process, including the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

3. To demonstrate the acceptance of all people in order to help children learn to value themselves and others.

4. To create a positive atmosphere for the social development of children by teaching and modelling respect, responsibility and

5. To provide opportunities through programs and activities for each child to develop a health conscious attitude.

6. To provide opportunities for effective communication between home and sc hool that will develop a mutual understanding
and positive partnership.

Graystone Mission Statement

The mission of Graystone coincides with that of the district which states "all students can learn; all students can
succeed." We at Graystone Elementary School strive to make that a reality. Other goals include:

1. Improve student performance as measured by district assessments.

2. Establish an atmosphere that will support and encourage each student's academic, personal, and social growth.

Graystone Beliefs

We believe:
1. each child and teacher should have their unique strengths recognized

2. high expectations yield high achievements

3. our teachers are committed to provide the best eucational opportunitites and learning environment for our

Tangier Smith Elementary School

Blanco Drive
Mastic Beach, NY 11951


We, at Tangier Smith, are dedicated to the ideal that all children can learn.

Our goals are to:
enrich children's lives through learning.
encourage achievement.
challenge children to think.
allow them to develop creative potential.
help them become responsible citizens.

We will:
emphasize self-respect.
build self-esteem.
help children to accept themselves and accept others.

Through our teaching, we will provide a nurturing atmosphere which will foster a lifelong love of learning.

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compiled by Dan Axtell